Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse Low Sodium Choices

by Gerry Aire

ENTREES with 50% or less of the US daily value for sodium:

chicken: balsamic glazed, w/bruschetta/cheese/parsley, sodium 35%
chicken: tenders, crispy, w/honey mustard, sodium 40% (w/barbecue sauce, 50%)
chili, w/sour cream/chives/red onions (no cheese), sodium 50%
quesadilla: mini chicken, w/fresh salsa/garlic butter/lettuce/cheese, sodium 35%
salad: w/vegetables/meat/cheese/balsamic vinaigrette (typical portions), sodium 40%
sandwich: bacon cheddar burger, w/lettuce/tomato (no pickles), sodium 50%
sandwich: chili burger, w/onions/lettuce/tomato/sour cream (no pickles, no cheese), sodium 45%
sandwich: classic cheeseburger, w/pickles/onions/lettuce/tomato, sodium 40%
sandwich: french onion burger, w/gruyere/swiss/onions/lettuce/tomato/aioli, sodium 50%
sandwich: grilled chicken, w/pickles/lettuce/tomato/honey mustard, sodium 50%
sandwich: jumbo crab cake burger, w/cucumber/lettuce (no pickles, no aioli), sodium 50%
sandwich: mahi mahi griller, w/pickles/wasabi cucumber, sodium 45%
sandwich: southwest burger, w/avocado salsa/chipotle ranch/pickles/lettuce, sodium 50%
sandwich: swiss and mushroom burger, w/pickles/cheese/lettuce/tomato, sodium 45%
sandwich: turkey bacon panini, half, w/cheddar/chipotle mayo/pickles/tomato, sodium 50%
sandwich: vegetable panini, half, w/chipotle ranch/pickles/mozzarella, etc., sodium 35%
sandwich: veggie burger, no aioli, sodium 50%
seafood: cod florentine, sodium 25%
seafood: crab-stuffed flounder, w/parmesan sauce, sodium 35%
seafood: dill salmon, sodium 15%
seafood: garlic shrimp scampi, sodium 45%
seafood: grilled salmon, sodium 10%
seafood: grilled swordfish, w/mango plantain salsa, sodium 20%
seafood: salmon primavera, w/marinara/vegetables, sodium 45%
seafood: stuffed shrimp, w/lemon butter sauce, sodium 50%
seafood: tilapia bruschetta, w/lemon butter sauce, sodium 30%
soup, beef and barley, sodium 15%
soup, chicken and vegetable, sodium 40%
soup: cream of broccoli, sodium 40%
soup: cream of chicken a la reine, sodium 35%
soup: cream of mushroom, sodium 50%
soup: french onion, w/any one cheese/croutons/parsley, sodium 45%
soup: minestrone, sodium 30%
soup: new england clam chowder, sodium 35%
soup: potato and cheddar cheese, sodium 20%
soup: steak and vegetable, sodium 40%
steak: 14 oz grilled ribeye, w/frizzled onions, sodium 30%
steak: 20 oz porterhouse, w/fried onion rings, sodium 40%
steak: charlie’s special sirloin, 8 or 10 oz, w/frizzled onions, sodium 25%
steak: chopped, w/frizzled onions/parsley/red wine demi glace/mushrooms, sodium 35%
steak: filet mignon, w/frizzled onions, sodium 25%
steak: new york strip, 8 oz, w/frizzled onions, sodium 25% (12 oz, 30%)
steak: pork ribeye, sodium 30%
tacos: chicken, w/fresh salsa/mango plantain salsa/lettuce/sour cream, sodium 35%
tacos: tilapia, w/fresh salsa/mango plantain salsa/lettuce/sour cream, sodium 30%

SIDES with 25% or less of the US daily value for sodium:

asparagus, steamed, sodium 0%
broccoli, steamed, sodium 0%
broccoli rabe, sodium 5%
coleslaw, sodium 5%
green beans, sodium 0%
mushrooms, sherried, sodium 9%
potato: baked, w/chives/sour cream/butter, sodium 10%
rice, seasoned, sodium 15%
sweet potato fries, sodium 25%
vegetables, roasted, sodium 9%

Order from this list and eat with confidence — I’ve filtered out the super-salty stuff for you. Just remember to watch portion sizes, and total sodium per meal. Overall, try to limit fast foods in your diet — eat mostly home-cooked meals for better health. Figures listed above are approximate. Like this page? Bookmark it, and come back when you need it.

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