Cafe Rio Low Sodium Choices

by Gerry Aire

ENTREE ingredients:

cabbage, sodium 0%
cheddar jack cheese blend, sodium 7%
chile relleno, sodium 15%
cilantro, sodium 0%
cotija, sodium less than 5%
dressing, cilantro lime, sodium 5%
dressing, creamy tomatillo, sodium 20%
filling, cancun shrimp, sodium 7%
filling, chile roast beef, sodium less than 5%
filling, coconut shrimp, sodium 6%
filling, fire-grilled chicken, sodium less than 5%
filling, fire-grilled salmon, sodium less than 5%
filling, fire-grilled steak, sodium less than 5%
filling, mahi mahi, sodium less than 5%
filling, pork barbacoa, sodium 6%
filling, shredded chicken breast, sodium 10%
guacamole, sodium 7%
jack cheese, sodium 15%
lettuce, sodium 0%
lime wedge, sodium 0%
pico de gallo, sodium less than 5%
queso, sodium 20%
salsa fresca, sodium 0%
sauce, green chile, sodium 20%
sauce, mango, sodium 8%
sauce, red chile, sodium 15%
sauce, tomatillo, sodium 10%
sour cream, sodium 0%
tortilla, corn, 6 inch, sodium 6%
tortilla, flour or wheat, any size, sodium 0%
torilla soup, sodium 50%

SIDES with 25% or less of the US daily value for sodium:

black beans, sodium 9%
chips, sodium 0%
mexican rice, sodium 15%
pinto beans, sodium 9%
tortilla strips, sodium 0%
tostadas, sodium 0%

Order from this list and eat with confidence — I’ve filtered out the super-salty stuff for you. Just remember to watch portion sizes, and total sodium per meal. Overall, try to limit fast foods in your diet — eat mostly home-cooked meals for better health. Figures listed above are approximate. Like this page? Bookmark it, and come back when you need it.

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