Blake’s Lotaburger Low Sodium Choices

by Gerry Aire

ENTREES with 50% or less of the US daily value for sodium:

breakfast item: breakfast burrito: bean, sodium 40%
breakfast item: breakfast burrito: southwest, 30%
breakfast item: sandwich: lota breakfast, w/bacon, sodium 50%
breakfast item: sandwich: lota breakfast, w/sausage, 45%
chicken: tenders boat, sodium 50%
corndog, sodium 20%
hotdog, sodium 50%
sandwich: bbq pork, sodium 45%
sandwich: bbq pork combo (w/fries), sodium 50%
sandwich: breaded chicken, sodium 40%
sandwich: breaded chicken combo (w/fries), sodium 45%
sandwich: cheese, small, sodium 25% (large, 35%)
sandwich: grilled chicken, sodium 50%
sandwich: itsa burger, sodium 30% (double meat, 35%)
sandwich: itsa burger combo (w/fries), sodium 35%
sandwich: lota burger, sodium 40% (double meat, 50%)
sandwich: lota burger combo (w/fries), sodium 50%

SIDES with 25% or less of the US daily value for sodium:

apple slices, sodium 0%
fries, original, sodium 7% (large, 10%… chili cheese, 25%)

Order from this list and eat with confidence — I’ve filtered out the super-salty stuff for you. Just remember to watch portion sizes, and total sodium per meal. Overall, try to limit fast foods in your diet — eat mostly home-cooked meals for better health. Figures listed above are approximate. Like this page? Bookmark it, and come back when you need it.

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